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Iaido examination sandan Turin EIC 2017

Iaido examination sandan Turin EIC 2017


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Kendo, Kenjutsu or Iaido? Understanding the Differences

Kendo 剣道 Kenjutsu 剣術 and Iaido 居合道 are martial arts that teach you how to properly use a Japanese Katana. What is the difference between these martial arts and all the many styles...

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La beauté du silence des forces internes...

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Iaido 6 - Six Basic Moves


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Iaido, Nakai Tokyo (Février 2017).


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IAIDO - Championnats de France 2015

Compétitions individuelles - Les finales - 22 Mars 2015 - Arténium de Ceyrat (63) - Autres vidéos : http://video63.fr.

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Iaido 1. Introducción

Más vídeos de Iaido: http://iaido.purzuit.com/video/IEDl0oFRmyE.html&list=PLNBRtqdsYrKSIScbtq3vxbJhXUBTuT5j3&index=1 Félix Ares, 3º Dan de ZNKR Iaido, nos explica en éste vídeo en que consiste...

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Iaido Championnats de France 2017-Finale équipes


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Iaido Demonstration - Κλειστο Γυμναστηριο Ραφήνας 16/12/2012.

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How to Tie a Kaku Obi for Iaido

This is one of the most common ways to tie a kaku obi. But depending on how thick your waist is and how long your obi is, you may need to adapt your method to your personal needs. Standard...

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Kendo Iaido For Beginners


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Déjeuner dans un restaurant de yakisoba avant de s'initier à l'iaïdo, l'escrime Japonaise !! ∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴ INFOS ∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴...

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European Iaido Championships 2017 - Yondan Final

European Iaido Championships 2017 in Turin, Italy. Yondan Final : Engelen - Netherlands (Red) vs Bienak -Poland (White).

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DAY IN MY LIFE IN JAPAN: Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido) and Vegetarian Japanese Food!

Most Breathtaking Place in Japan: Exploring Fushimi Inari Shrine's 10000 Gates → http://iaido.purzuit.com/video/vyUB4W9owh4.html -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- SIGN UP for a Japanese swordsmanship experience...

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Iaido Tournament


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Iaido (Lethal Elegance) program part one (1) of 4 episodes

Description; Seitei Iaido kata (representative formal technique) performance and applications including opening etiquette, Mae, Ushiro, and Uke Nagashi. Taped in 2008 when I was 60 years of age.

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ARPE - Iaido

Octobre 2017, présentation du cours de Iaido de l'ARPE, par son professeur Dominique Losson, 6e dan.

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European Iaido Championship 2017 - Team - Italy (Regaldi) vs the Netherlands - 2.3

European Iaido Championship 2017 was hosted in Turin, Italy: 300 athletes from 24 nations attended the seminar, competitions and dan examinations, from Friday 03/11 to Sunday 05/11. Here...

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Strength Training for Kendo and Iaido

Even if kendo or iaido are your main athletic activities, there are two very good reasons to add strength training to your routine -- better performance and injury prevention. If you think...

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アイルランドで居合のお稽古 Iaido practice in Ireland

アイルランドで居合のお稽古してます。 手前が私、奥がすごく上手なスペイン人の稽古仲間です。 自分たちの技の確認のために撮りました。...

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Examen 2do Kyu Iaido - Besson


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Iaido, Flute, and Noh

Iaido katas and Noh done to Japanese Flute.

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Iaido Demonstration by Akito at Arroyo Vista Talent Show

Akito Kato demonstrating his Iaido skill at 2017 South Pasadena Arroyo Vista Elementary School Talent Show.

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Demostración Iaido IPN - bunkasai 2013


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Campionati europei Iaido finale 5 dan

Finale 5° dan Zanoni vs Watson vincitore Watson.

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European Iaido Championships - Berlin 2015 Final Match Poland vs Sweeden


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AUSKF IAIDO FINALS - 2-kyu and below


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Iaido Championnats de France 2017 -demi finale équipes

via YouTube Capture.

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Yamazaki Sensei Kyoto Taikai

Yamazaki Sensei Hachidan Hanshi performs the opening ceremony of the iaido embu, Kyoto Taikai, May 2013 For more information on iaido please visit www.genbukan.co.uk.

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Nukitsuke Iaido

Kato Sensei at 2015 SUSKIF Seminar suskif.org.

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11th Polish Open Iaido Championships 2017 - Mudan Final

11th Polish Open Iaido Championships 2017 - Mudan Final Red Daniel Halens Rodriguez 0 White Petr Stejskal 3.

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【居合 抜刀道】千本桜まつり演武 (Iaido Battodo demonstration at Cherry Blossom Festival)

2013年4月20日(土)に福島県郡山市三穂田町の笹原川千本桜まつりで抜刀道の演武をしました。 桜も満開で、とても気持ちのよい演武でした!...

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Iaido Demonstration - NYC Kendo Club 40th Anniversary Shiai

NYC Kendo Club - Kataoka Sensei and Jose Peña July 3, 2016.

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